Seiseta - Light Blond (6) Keratin Russian Hair Extensions (20pack -Bonded)

Seiseta - Light Blond (6) Keratin Russian Hair Extensions (20pack -Bonded)

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Manufactured entirely in Italy, these precious Extensions are made of 100% Remy premium quality Russian Hair.

Russian Hair is the rarest and most precious Hair quality in the world, characterized by a structure with a circular stem, silky and very bright.
The strength of this Hair type is its smoothness, even in presence of moisture, which makes the Hair very easy to handle and comb. Real flagship of the brand SEISETA, these Extensions give volume and shine for exceptional results that last over time.

Application system in keratin. Highly professional long-lasting results.


• Single Drawn System characterized by 2 length Hair strand
• 100% Russian Remy Hair
• Cuticles intact
• Silicone free
• 3D Color Effect